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Here at SageRapidHealing, I use a powerful approach to healing by connecting to the Universe and letting the healing happen automatically according to perfect cosmic intelligence.  I call this revolutionary healing modality Zero Point Healing.  This healing method is simultaneously cutting-edge and timeless.  The method is:


  • Safe:  No harmful side effects such as those that come along with conventional medications and surgeries.

  • Effective:  It works!  And it works for virtually every "issue".  The most effective and peaceful way to deal with any so-called "dis-ease" is to connect with the Universe and let the healing happen automatically according to perfect cosmic intelligence!

  • Rapid:  It works very fast compared to other, much slower therapies (including other "energy healing" therapies).  

  • Gentle:  Zero Point Healing is gentle and very enjoyable!



Zero Point Healing works on people, animals, and plants.  It also works on so-called "non-living things".  It has to work on everything since everything is fundamentally Consciousness.  Since everything is Consciousness, everything is literally connected to everything else (Law of One).  There's no such thing as a "non-living" thing in reality.  

"There is only life, life, and life."
  ~ Sadhguru


That which gave birth to all of Creation can certainly heal all issues on the individual level.  Of course!    


Disclaimer:  Our services are not intended to be a complete substitute for any other type of care.  Please read the full Disclaimer.

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