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About Me

My name is Chirag Patel (aka Ankur Patel).  I wear many hats.  One of my passions is healing.  I prefer to use a safe, effective, rapid, and gentle system for holistic healing.


My quest for healing began in 1998 when I was in high school.  This was in part due to my own challenges, and in part due to a natural interest in anything unconventional (whether healing related or otherwise).  Having unconventional interests and tendencies is very rewarding in life because it leads us to things that the average person generally does not prefer to imagine.  They can imagine, of course, but they often have a very bad habit of limiting themselves.  I never limited myself with my imagination.

Although I never limited my imagination, I felt severely limited by circumstances for nearly two decades.  Believe me when I tell you that these healing abilities didn't just come from some empty vacuum.  I consider the two decades of suffering to be part of my education.  The trial by fire that I and others like me must endure is extremely more challenging than a conventional university degree.  For this reason, I deeply honor my work and I expect those of you who wish to receive healing sessions to honor the sacred work as well.  I welcome good-hearted people with open arms.


Throughout the years, I have found things that work very well, things that work okay, and many things that don't work at all.  I often found out the hard way -- through trial and error -- spending hours of research online, often spending months with practitioners, and literally thousands of dollars.  I have come a long way and have found healing methods that are safe, effective, rapid, and gentle -- these are my four main requirements when choosing healing methods to use.  I can also add convenience to that since all the services I offer are convenient.  All healing sessions I offer can be done long distance (no matter where you are).  


Nowadays, I am not alone during these healing sessions.  We have formed a group and we always work together.  Except for me, the rest of the group consists of love- and light-filled non-physical beings.  They generally do not take on physical form but can occasionally use my physical presence as a conduit/channel.  I am also currently looking forward to reaching out to spiritual practitioners in the physical realm (people like me) to help with healings.  I believe that healing power can be amplified when working together.    


I invite you to feel the magic of Zero Point Healing sessions.  Don't hesitate or procrastinate.  Request your Zero Point Healing session today!



This is me entering the portal into Infinity.  I still don't know why I brought that suitcase in with me, though.  

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