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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  1. What kind of sessions do you offer?

    I offer remote Zero Point Healing sessions.  Remote sessions work over any distance.  Since everyone and everything is connected via the quantum zero-point field, the healing works regardless of distance.  If you understand quantum physics and mysticism, you know that distance is irrelevant.

    In-person sessions may be available in the future; but for now, I only offer remote sessions.  Also, telephone communication is not necessary.  No
    appointments are necessary either.  I perform the healing meditation when I can anytime during the day or night, within 24-48 hours after I receive some basic information from you.  The healing will begin instantly while I start my meditation but you (or the intended recipient) will receive most of it when you/they are most ready to receive it, such as during sleep or whenever you/they are relaxed.

    Because I am busy with frequent meditations, I am easier to reach via e-mail and text communication instead of the telephone.  But if you prefer to talk on the phone, a telephone call can be arranged for a fee.  All fees are listed on the Buy Sessions page.  


  2. How do your sessions work?

    On my end, each session takes about one hour.  This includes preparing my sacred space, deep meditation, and the use of various tools when necessary.  There are no appointments necessary and no telephone communication necessary.   

    Feel free to go about your normal routine.  I specifically place an intent so that you (or the intended recipient) receive(s) the healing when you/they are most ready to receive it (such as bedtime) -- so that the treatments don't interfere with your/their normal routine.  Most clients do notice a sense of relaxation and stress relief even while awake.  This is a direct, positive effect of the healing taking place. Most of the healing happens during sleep, whenever that is.  One will sleep better and wake up more refreshed.  Deep healing takes place during deep rest.  Zero Point Healing sessions offer one the deepest rest possible (even more than deep sleep).  One is bathing in the healing waters of the Universe.

    There is no need to set up any appointments.  I can usually start the healing on my end within 24-48 hours of receiving some basic information from you.  On your (or the intended recipient's) end, the healing will begin immediately once I begin but most of it will be received by you/them during sleep.  This happens automatically regardless of time and space.  In case you/they suffer from insomnia or anything else that prevents sleeping, the healing will automatically help with that, too.  


  3. Does your healing service always work?

    Strictly speaking, yes -- the healing always works.  But in some cases, one may not see the results so obviously in one's life so soon; such delays and blocks can be caused by a number of reasons -- which we can also work on if necessary.  It is very important to be committed to one's own healing.  The more open one is to receive the healing (and the changes that will result), the faster the results.  I am happy to offer a healing modality that is safe, effective, rapid, and gentle.  So you/they will perceive the results as long as you/they are open to receiving. 

    Just a couple of things that may block healing results include soul agreements and subconscious limiting beliefs.  The good news is that we can work on these things.  In some cases, I may refer you to other practitioners if I believe that they can better serve your individual needs.  

    Also, remember that a healing event is just like any other manifestation.  It may occur to happen directly or via some other medium.  For example, when you want to manifest financial abundance, money can theoretically appear out of the blue right into your bank account -- there is nothing in the Universe that suggests that it cannot happen.  But more often than not, your  Higher Self gives you a story/context/experience in which you come across a great money-making opportunity and you succeed in that, or win a sweepstake, or something like that.  Higher levels of consciousness must honor the belief systems of lower levels of consciousness.  Free will must honor free will.  So money won't appear in your bank account out of the blue unless you really have no limiting belief against that possibility.  Keep in mind that many limiting beliefs are subconscious and deeply embedded so it's important to work on those.  The work I do includes working on subconscious limiting beliefs and possibly soul agreements whenever necessary.

    In the case of healing, most of the time the healing does happen directly but it may come via some other medium such as herbal medicine or another form of therapy one just happens to discover right after receiving my healing sessions.  In some cases, my intuition might guide us to an effective alternative remedy.  This is rare, however, since most of the healing is direct.  

  4. Are there any side effects of your healing services?

    No, there are no side effects.  I choose only healing methods that meet four criteria.  They must be safe, effective, rapid, and gentle.  I specifically place an intention before every healing session such that the client receives the healing when the client is most ready to receive it (such as bedtime) -- so that the treatments don't interfere with anyone's normal routine.  When one is awake, one will likely feel refreshed and relaxed at the same time -- that is a direct effect of the healing taking place.  We heal the best when we are at rest.


  5. How many sessions will be needed?

    Everyone's body is different and so there is really no way to tell for sure how many sessions one will need.  No doctor, therapist, or healer in the world can honestly tell you how many sessions will be necessary -- this depends on so many factors.  My methods work rapidly, so the issues can be resolved very quickly.  My healing sessions work most efficiently while taking the path of least resistance, automatically according to perfect cosmic intelligence.  For acute and chronic problems, I do recommend taking 2-3 sessions per week for best results.  

    Zero Point Healing is rapid compared to other therapies.  But please have some patience if you have a chronic issue.  


  6. Can I continue to take medications and herbal medicines while working with you?  Can I work with other healing practitioners while working with you?

    Yes, of course.  I kindly ask you to do your best to notice any differences in how you/they feel after you/they have started receiving healing treatments from me; I appreciate honest feedback.  Thank you.   


  7. Do I need to believe in these healing methods for them to work?

    Strictly speaking, the answer is No.  This is not "faith healing".  I have helped many people heal over long distances without them even being conscious of it (their family and friends would be aware, though, and they would report on the success).  Disbelief in the healing does not stop the healing from happening.

    However, beliefs are very powerful thought-forms that heavily influence our lives.  That being said, a positive attitude of trust helps a great deal.  On the other hand, a very negative attitude is somewhat likely to slow down the healing.  This is because thoughts are energy, and any negative thoughts will influence the results against you.  If you don't believe in the healing, it will still happen but it might take more time. 

    Zero Point Healing works on pets and plants, too.  Animals and plants don't have beliefs.  They don't have trust nor distrust regarding healing practices.  They are neutral regarding beliefs.  If you have difficulty believing, at least try to be neutral.  But trust always helps.


  8. Who can benefit from your healing services?

    Everyone can benefit.  The healings work on humans, animals, and plants.  It is not so surprising that it even works on so-called "non-living" things such as computers, smartphones, cars, etc. (although I don't get too many requests for those things yet).  It makes perfect sense, actually.  Everything is a part of Creation -- and this sacred work is naturally all-inclusive.  Change is change, after all, no matter what is changing.  Creation is all-inclusive.


  9. How can "long-distance" healing work?  I live thousands of miles away.

    How does life work?  Distance is irrelevant.  Zero Point Healing transcends space and time (and the false illusions that most of us normally experience within space-time).

    With today's technology, you can hold a rectangular object in your hand, press a few numbers on it, and talk to someone on the other side of the planet, or even with astronauts in space.  That rectangular object is your mobile phone.  The communication is long distance and there is a lot going on in between that you cannot see with your eyes.  Just because you don't "see" a connection doesn't mean that a connection doesn't exist.  Everything is connected.

    Imagine time traveling to a thousand years ago.  If you showed people there your smartphone and explained how you can video chat with someone thousands of miles away... how would they react?  That's how some people who are not familiar with spiritual science react when they come across something of this nature.  But today, we use smartphones all the time.  ;)

    We know that cell towers and satellites make global video chatting possible.  Just like there is a science behind it, there is a science behind Zero Point Healing as well.  You don't need to understand the details of it any more than you need to understand the details of medical science when you go to a conventional doctor.  

    Tomorrow, healing therapies like Zero Point Healing will also be commonplace.  But for now, there are not many who practice powerful healing modalities such as Zero Point Healing.  Zero Point Healing truly is way ahead of our time.  The good news is that it is available to you right now!       

    Literally, everything in the Universe is energetically connected to everything else (Law of One).  That's part of what makes everything possible.  Space and time are just illusions; distance is irrelevant.  Yes!  Remote (long-distance) sessions work equally well as in-person sessions.

    Currently, I offer only remote (long-distance) healing sessions.  In-person sessions may be available in the future.  


  10. How is Zero Point Healing different from energy healing therapies?

    Zero Point Healing is many times more powerful and effective than most other "alternative" therapies out there.  Zero Point Healing is all about rapid and gentle healing.

    Scientifically speaking, unlike energy healing arts, Zero Point Healing does not involve direct energy movement by the practitioner.  Since all forms (e.g., physical body, mind, etc.) are fundamentally energy, there is definitely energy movement going on during healing treatments -- but such energy movements are not initiated by the practitioner in Zero Point Healing; instead, they happen automatically and perfectly according to the intelligence of the Universe (leaving no room for error and always choosing the best possible "route" of healing for each unique individual).

    Traditional Usui Reiki is similar in that the practitioner simply acts as a medium and allows universal life force energy to pass onto the client.  But Zero Point Healing is different.  In Zero Point Healing, the practitioner does not act as the bridge between the cosmic energies of the Universe and the body of the client.  Instead, the practitioner establishes his/her own connection with the Universe, and then the Universe, in turn, connects to the client directly.  Zero Point Healing has been proven to be much more effective and rapid compared to traditional Reiki (and other similar energy therapies).  Additionally, I personally connect to the divine realms during this process so I am not the only healing facilitator; but rather, you have an entire divine team of light beings working on the client as well!

    Instead of deliberately initiating energy movements or even acting as a channel through which cosmic energy is transmitted to the client, the practitioner places powerful intentions/affirmations, goes into a deep state of meditation to connect to the Greater Self (Presence/Universe/Existence) beyond the personality, and naturally allows the client to receive the fruits of that same connection directly in order to allow healing to happen automatically and perfectly.  I am connecting with you at very high levels of consciousness (Universe, and sometimes Pure Awareness/God and even the Absolute). 

    The highest level of healing is available when we connect to the Absolute -- the state-less state beyond God.  This level of healing is mostly not necessary for our purposes, though.    


  11. What does the client have to do while taking your healing sessions?

    Relax!  And as contradictory as this may sound, if one truly desires results, then it is not a good idea to demand results.  By demanding results, one will create resistance.  Instead, have a graceful attitude and have faith that the healing will happen.  Trust the Universe!

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