Free Healing Sessions

Note: Because of the Coronavirus situation, I felt that I should do my part, in good spirit, to help by offering free Zero Point Healing sessions.  Initially, I thought of offering free sessions to those affected by the virus.  I have had great success treating other infections such as seasonal flu, pneumonia, and dengue -- via remote sessions (no matter where the client is in the world).  But then I felt that would be unfair to people who have other types of ailments.  So I have decided to offer FREE Zero Point Healing sessions to anyone who requests them for themselves or someone they know, regardless of the issue!  I can only do this for a limited time, however.  I will offer free healing sessions until and including April 3, 2020 (Eastern Daylight Time).  Limit four (4) free sessions per client (which is effective enough for lots of people!).  I may extend the free session offer beyond the aforementioned date, but I am not sure yet.

Also, free/discounted healing sessions will be available for various classes of people in the near future (on a perpetual basis).

Note:  Just in case you receive an email after filling out the following Free Healing Request Form mentioning a payment invoice, please disregard it.  For free sessions, there is no payment required.  I'll respond as soon as possible.  :)

Free Healing Request Form
Who or what are you requesting healing for?

Disclaimer:  Our services are not intended to be a complete substitute for any other type of care.  Please read the full Disclaimer.

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