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How It Works

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

--  Nikola Tesla

At SageRapidHealing, I use a healing modality that I call Zero Point Healing.   


Basically, Zero Point Healing works by connecting to the quantum zero-point field (Presence or Being-ness) and letting the healing happen automatically according to perfect cosmic/divine intelligence.  The Universe (i.e., zero-point) is intelligent and powerful enough to resolve all your issues.  It does not matter where you live and where I live.  This works over any distance.  If you understand quantum physics and mysticism, then you know that distance is completely irrelevant.

This is about spiritual science.


Because Zero Point Healing works according to perfect cosmic/divine intelligence, it is naturally safe, effective, rapid, and gentle healing. 


The Zero Point Healing uses a combination of:


  • Intentions, affirmations, and mantras

  • Connections with higher dimensions

  • Deep meditations for connecting to the quantum zero-point field (i.e., Universe, Presence, Creation, etc.) and beyond

  • Connections with divine beings from various realms

  • Visualization and Imagineering

  • Sacred Geometry (divine symmetry)

  • Clearing of subconscious energy blocks and limiting beliefs



Not all healing sessions require all of the above.  The core of Zero Point Healing is for me to go into deep meditation and connect myself to the quantum zero-point, which easily allows the recipient to connect to the zero-point as well, along with me.  I am the facilitator in the process.  After the recipient connects to the zero-point, the healing happens automatically according to perfect cosmic/divine intelligence.  The healing takes the path of least resistance to deliver the fastest results possible in a gentle way so that the treatments don't affect the recipient's normal routine.    


Your job (or the recipient's job), for the most part, is to relax!  If I have any specific recommendations, I will let you know.  Most clients feel relaxed and relieved of stress while receiving Zero Point Healing sessions.  This is a direct effect of the healing.  The body and mind want to rest, and we all know that we heal the best when we are at rest.


Here are some common direct effects of the healing process:


  • Feeling relaxed and centered

  • Feeling a pleasant sense of mild drowsiness and needing a little extra sleep.  There is no need to worry as one's normal routine is never disturbed.  However, it is recommended that the recipient tries to relax while receiving healing treatments.  The recipient may feel like sleeping more than usual because the body and mind are processing the healing.

  • Sometimes, recipients actually need less sleep than usual because they get a very restful sleep.  It is divine intelligence that decides how to process the healing -- that is not up to me.   


Why the name "Zero Point Healing"?


The quantum zero-point field (i.e., zero-point) contains infinite possibilities, which includes every desire you may have.  By accessing the zero-point, it is possible to manifest any desire.  The desire to heal is a desire like any other.  Healing is a type of manifestation.  This is a fact that almost no spiritual teacher out there realizes.  They either talk about healing or they talk about manifestation as if they are two separate things.  But in fact, healing is a type of manifestation.


Basically speaking, there are two ways to access the zero-point: using external technology (such as zero-point energy generators) and internal technology such as meditation practices.  I use meditation practices to access the quantum zero-point field for manifestation, focusing on medical healing.  Other things can also be manifested, but my focus here at SageRapidHealing is medical healing -- for now, anyway.

We all have free will choice.  So, I am not manifesting anything on anyone else's behalf.  I am simply working as a facilitator and helping the recipient manifest his/her desires by making it super-easy for them to connect themselves to the zero-point alongside my own connection to the zero-point.

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