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"I am feeling more centered since I have started my healing sessions two weeks ago. Thank you for the great work Chirag! Much recommended."


-- Billy Brophy (Piscataway, NJ, USA)

"We have benefited a lot from Chirag's healings.  My frozen shoulder pain is gone.  My wife had frost bite pain in her foot for the last 12 years.  Chirag healed it within a few sessions and now it's gone!  Her insomnia has also been cured."

-- Ramdas and Mira Patel (Parsippany, NJ, USA)

All of a sudden I started experiencing very bad knee pain.  My left knee was completely inflamed and I had to stay in bed.  My daughter had to take me to the bathroom since I could not get up and walk by myself.  A close friend of mine referred me to Chirag's SageRapidHealing.

He worked on me with the Zero Point Healing.  The next two days were amazing.  I felt very sleepy and sweaty as the healing was happening.  My knee improved significantly overnight and I was able to walk the next day!  I would say my knee experienced a 70% improvement overnight.  And I took one more session -- over the second night, the inflammation was completely gone!


SageRapidHealing is amazing.  What's the best a doctor can do?  Give some temporary painkillers?  Chirag did the job in two days and the cool part is, I'm in the UK and he's all the way in America!

I told somebody this and that cynical person said that a surgeon can fix such problems in less than 2 hours.  But what about the extreme pain that you have to deal with for months after the surgery and the anguish of the necessary physical therapy?  Some people are just addicted to "mainstream" medicine and they'll say any ridiculous thing to defend it.


Stephanie (Manchester, United Kingdom)

I got a very bad knee injury in my left knee when I fell down playing football.  My doctor told me that I would need surgery to fix the knee.  For months I hesitated because surgery costs a lot of money but most importantly, I was afraid of the terribly painful experience everyone who gets surgery feels.

I was getting very disappointed because if I did nothing, I would not be able to play football anymore, which I love.  Also it was very painful and was starting to affect my other knee and back.  I found this web site and I tried SageRapidHealing.  Within just 3 weeks I felt a significant relief in my pain.  I am sure I will not need painful and expensive surgeries now.  And soon I will be playing football again.


-- Rajendra Sharma (Delhi, India)

After reviewing someone's positive review about how his anxiety disorder was cured using acupuncture, I decided to try it out.  Unfortunately, I did not have the same success as that other person.  I went to a busy acupuncturist for one whole year.  I spent nearly $11,000 on the treatments -- yes, seriously.  This included herbs, oils, and painful needles.  No relief whatsoever.

I tried Zero Point Healing and I am amazed.  Starting shortly after the first session, I started feeling extra sleep during the day.  I've taken 10 sessions so far and I feel significantly better now.  My anxiety was quite severe, so this much relief in such a short time is great!  I am still working with Chirag and I know I'll be totally fine in no time.  :)

-- Jessica (Las Vegas, NV, USA)

My name is Peter.  I suffered a stroke and by the grace of God, I survived.  But I was in bad shape when my son brought me home from the hospital. 

I was suffering from memory loss and my face looked so dull.  My son had me take some Zero Point Healing sessions and a few days later, everyone in my family was amazed!  I noticed the difference a bit later, but my family and friends noticed immediately that I had a "bright glow" on my face, as they said.  Now, my memory is also starting to come back and I'm feeling normal again.  This is truly incredible.  I'm old school, and my family is down to earth, but after this amazing experience, we are all re-thinking what we thought we knew about how the world works! 

-- Peter (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

I had a bunch of issues.  Too many to name here.  I was always attracted to alternative medicine because I am aware that conventional medicine does not have a cure for anything.

I mean, conventional medicine has a treatment for everything but a cure for almost nothing.  That says a lot about so-called "modern medicine".  Knowing this, I tried a bunch of healing systems such as Usui Reiki, acupuncture, and this thing called Matrix Energetics.  That ME sounded very exciting to me and I took several sessions from a few practitioners.  But nothing worked!  I thank my stars that I finally found SageRapidHealing.  Now, all my issues have been resolved.  My healing journey with Chirag was a graceful, peaceful, and joyful one. 



Chirag made no excuses such as what I have been hearing from practitioners of other healing arts.  Matrix Energetics, the system that seemed so promising at first, was a disappointment after all.  Their classic excuse is "whatever shows up".  Also, for some strange reason, you're not supposed to have any specific desires in their philosophy.  It never felt right to me.  People who think that way are simply "empowered victims". 

Anyway, all that aside, Zero Point Healing sessions really did it for me.  I made it through my dark tunnel and into the Light.  :)


--  Aleide  (Eindhoven, Netherlands)

My father lives in Mumbai, India.  He's an elderly, delicate man who had undergone open bypass surgery over a decade ago.  He became infected with pneumonia.  The doctors at one hospital did their best to save him but they lost hope so they were just about to shift him to another hospital.

Meanwhile, I contacted Chirag for healing.  What happened afterwards was a miracle.  Instead of shifting to another hospital, my father was actually discharged and sent home -- because he was rapidly cured of the pneumonia!  Today, my father is healthy and well.

~ Rita Shah  (Edison, New Jersey, USA)

I had a frozen shoulder in my right arm.  I went to a physical therapist for several months to treat the pain in the arm.  I received no benefits for several months and started wondering how long it would take.  At this point, I had already spent over $3000 out of pocket at the physical therapist.  

Then, I tried Zero Point Healing sessions and my arm was completely healed within just three weeks.  I took two sessions per week for faster healing.  And now I am fine.  

~ David Brady  (Piscataway, New Jersey, USA)

I had severe knee pain in my left knee.  I was in a lot of pain and worried that I wouldn't be able to make an overseas trip that I needed to go to.  My doctors advised surgery.  I did not like that idea but it seemed like the only solution at the time.  I am aware of the dangers of surgeries and the painful but required physical therapy that people must endure after the surgery.

Then someone told me about Chirag's healing services.  After just seven sessions, my knee has healed completely.  Now, Chirag is working on my back pain which is not that severe but could have gotten worse if the knee wasn't treated.

Zero Point Healing saved me from lots of pain and made my overseas trip possible.  Thanks, Chirag!

~ Heather Williams  (Galveston, Texas, USA)

My husband has Alzheimer's Disease.  He was taking medications for that for over three years.  But instead of helping cure the Alzheimer's, things got worse for him.  He became hyperactive and kept on talking, saying random things.  He would hardly sleep and I couldn't sleep either.  The doctor agreed that this was a result of the side effects of the medication my husband had been on for a prolonged period of time.  

I was advised by the doctor and a few other people to take him to a psychiatrist.  I was scared.  My son knew better and advised me against that idea.  We know what typically happens.  Even more brain-damaging medications would kill my husband!

Luckily, a friend referred me to SageRapidHealing.  Within a few sessions, my husband had stabilized.  I had him take even more sessions and now, after three months, he is feeling a lot better than before.  One can see the glow on his face and the obvious stamina that returned to him after the healing sessions.  We are still working on the Alzheimer's but I do see some noticeable improvement in his memory!  

~ Jane Woodrow (Yonkers, New York, USA)

My mother in India caught the dengue.  She was hospitalized.  Her symptoms were severe.  She had a lot of pain in her muscles and bones.  At some point, she became unconscious as the doctors continued to work day and night for her recovery.  When my father called and told me that mom had become unconscious, I was very worried.

I discovered SageRapidHealing through a colleague.  Within just five sessions, my mother had a significant recovery.  She is now home and all is well!

~ Pramila Kaur  (Tampa, Florida, USA)