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Why Free Sessions?

In the name of love!

As of today, July 20, 2021, my Zero Point Healing services are donation-based.  This means that the sessions are essentially free.  Donations are completely optional but highly appreciated since the money would help me advertise my website and reach many more people who can also benefit from the healings.

This world is in great need of healing at all levels right now.  Tens of thousands of people are dying from the Covid jab and millions have already suffered severe adverse reactions.  While the corrupt mainstream media continues to mass terrorize people over fabricated "Covid cases and deaths", millions of people are being seriously injured by an experimental gene-modifying technology (which can mutate your DNA without your consent) that the corrupt establishment calls a "vaccine".  I've been wanting to help those people.  


There are fundamentally only two opposing emotions: love and fear.  All other emotions have their origins in either fear or love.  The whole Covid hoax is a global threat and its primary fuel is humans' fear.  If people choose love over fear, then all this madness would end overnight.  I choose faith over fear, and faith is based on love. 


And then there is romantic true love -- a divine experience that I have been blessed to receive in my life.  I rose in love with my high school sweetheart during the last two months of 1998.  Now, as I write this, it is her birthday today, July 20, 2021 -- over 22 years later.  I love her to this day and I always will no matter what.  And today, in my beloved sweetheart's honor, I am starting to offer the world donation-based (essentially free) healing services.  It is my prayer and intention that my beloved enjoys the karmic fruits of my sacred healing work alongside me (and our loved ones).   

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